Life on Live Video

Would you broadcast your whole life for the world to see? I'm talking about realtime video that captures your daily life. This is already becoming reality through websites like YouTube. You've probably heard about April the giraffe. April is the pregnant giraffe that took over the internet for week while her pregnancy was being live streamed. The … Continue reading Life on Live Video

Thank You, UNC

Yesterday was my LLDOC (last, last day of class) at UNC. It's been an amazing four years that have been filled with laughs, tears, and everything in between. Today marks exactly 2 weeks before my graduation from UNC. There are so many emotions and thoughts going on right now, but one thing is clear, I'm … Continue reading Thank You, UNC


I have to admit that I am a DIY enthusiast. I love making things from scratch and creating things with my own personal twist. Do it yourself projects are great for being cost effective, and you can personalize everything to your needs. I was scrolling on my Facebook newsfeed one day when a headline caught my attention: … Continue reading DIY(ouTube)