When YouTube Met TV

As you probably know by now, I am a YouTube, but you might not know that I’m also a TV junkie. For as long as I can remember, I have always loved watching TV.

One of my most vivid memories from elementary school is from the first grade. My teacher asked the class what we do while we do our homework in order to help us focus. My hand immediately shot up and I said that I like to do my homework while my mom is watching TV. Like most children at that age, I had no real understanding of things you should and shouldn’t say, and looking back, I probably shouldn’t have told my teacher that I basically watch TV while doing homework. After a quick chuckle, my teacher moved onto the rest of the students, whose answers included doing homework at the kitchen table or quietly at their desks.

I’m 100% positive that my love for TV is what sprouted my interest in YouTube. Around middle school is when cable TV started become less popular, and by high school, my family didn’t even have a cable subscription anymore. While I still loved watching my favorite shows, I was now able to watch them online (since my family didn’t have cable). Somewhere along the line, I began watching YouTube videos and YouTube took up more of my attention than my beloved TV shows.

My friends think it’s so strange that I hardly listen to music. When I have free time or I’m relaxing, there’s a good chance I’m watching YouTube videos or catching up on TV show on my iPad. I always have a video on in the background if I’m working on a painting or doing something like washing dishes. I don’t feel the need to listen to music, because there is always a new YouTube video that I could be watching. I only listen to music in the car, but that’s only because I don’t have a self driving car so I have to keep my eyes on the road (someone let me know if you’d like to get me a Tesla).

The other week, I was scrolling through YouTube looking for the next video to watch when something caught my eye. YOUTUBE TV.

Philip DeFranco gives a great overview of the service in his video. YouTube TV basically allows users to stream live TV from anywhere and it has a limitless cloud DVR. It’s a monthly subscription of $35, which includes 6 accounts per household.

This is a serious game changer. It’s two of my favorite things coming together to become one. Most cable providers now have apps that allow subscribers to stream TV from their mobile phones or tablets (shoutout to my cousin Susie for letting me use her cable login). While these apps are great for people that are willing to pay for cable, YouTube TV’s low price of $35 a month is pretty hard to beat.

YouTube TV is currently only available in a few big cities, but I’m interested to see how the service will go. Is YouTube the future of TV?

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