Life on Live Video

Would you broadcast your whole life for the world to see? I’m talking about realtime video that captures your daily life. This is already becoming reality through websites like YouTube.

You’ve probably heard about April the giraffe. April is the pregnant giraffe that took over the internet for week while her pregnancy was being live streamed. The birth of April’s baby was long awaited; according to YouTube, there were over 232 million live views and 7.6 billion minutes of live watch-time total of the livestream of April’s pregnancy.

It’s crazy to think that so many people were so invested in one giraffe’s pregnancy, but April’s popularity shows that live video is the future of video.

On Friday, my professor for Branding of Me took our class to watch the Circle.

Spoiler alert: I was not a fan of the movie. We read the book for class last semester and it was really great, but the movie did not do the book any justice.

While the movie itself was a bust, it included theme that are pertinent to today’s society. Emma Watson plays the main character, Mae Holland, who begins working at a Google/Facebook-esque company. After a series of events, Mae is led to stream her whole life on live video in order to achieve full transparency with her audience. The constant presence of a live streamed video caused Mae to be torn from her close relationships, and her life was constantly critiqued by random audiences around the world.

While it seems crazy to live stream your daily life, it’s happening already. Many popular YouTubers are using live video to stream live Q&A sessions with their fans or just show what they’re doing in the moment. Apps like Instagram and Facebook have live features that allow anyone to stream live videos to their friends and followers. With the growth of mobile usage, people can stream live videos from the comfort of anywhere.

Will the expansion of live video mean that others will follow in the steps of April the giraffe and Mae Holland? Is life on live video the future? Only time will tell…


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