I have to admit that I am a DIY enthusiast. I love making things from scratch and creating things with my own personal twist. Do it yourself projects are great for being cost effective, and you can personalize everything to your needs.

I was scrolling on my Facebook newsfeed one day when a headline caught my attention: “Mom builds house for her family using YouTube tutorials.” It sounds pretty crazy, right? Well, apparently it’s real.

YouTube is one of the biggest search machines in the world, so it’s easy for anyone to do a quick search and find a video that matches what they’re looking for. There is truly something for everyone on YouTube. Whether you’re trying to build a house or maybe a smaller project like making slime (I know it sounds weird, but slime making an internet trend right now!), YouTube has a DIY tutorial for you.

While I’ve never thought of building a house or doing any DIY project to that scale, I’ve had my fair share of using YouTube tutorials. DIY tutorials on YouTube are great, because they’re easy to follow since you can see each step of the process.


I remember being so proud of myself when I made this necklace after seeing this tutorial on YouTube. It’s a great feeling to make something for yourself (or for someone else) and knowing that you made it yourself.

Check out YouTube for some inspiration for your next DIY project!

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