Global Education for All

During the spring semester of 2016, I studied abroad in Florence, Italy. It was an amazing experience; I travelled to countries all over Europe and experiences so many new cultures and customs during my time abroad. When I returned back to the states, my global education experience did not stop.

Over the summer, I was the social media recruitment intern for VIF International Education (although the company will soon be called Participate). The main purpose of my internship was to spread to word about VIF through social media and encourage international teachers to apply to teach in the U.S.

Throughout the summer, I met hundreds of these international teachers during VIF’s summer orientation session, where the teachers would learn all about life in American classrooms before heading off to their new school districts. It was amazing to meet these inspiring teachers from all over the world.

Can you find me in this video about orientation?

All the teachers had one goal– spreading global education. The whole point of VIF is to bring in these international teachers in order to spread global culture and language into U.S. classrooms, thus enriching students’ educations. Through VIF programs and teachers, elementary schoolers are becoming fluent in a second language. Check out the video below if you don’t believe me!

While I never got to go to any of these global education classrooms, I got to experience them through VIF’s YouTube channel. VIF does not simply bring over international teachers, but they also give them tools to succeed and spread global education. The videos allow teachers to easily use VIF’s different interfaces and teaching modules. For me, the YouTube videos allowed me to see how VIF is truly making a difference in classrooms and inspiring children to want to learn about other cultures and languages.

The great thing about YouTube is that everyone has the same opportunity to learn. Anyone with internet connection has access to global education through a variety of YouTube videos. Many of my classes at UNC have utilized YouTube videos as teaching tools and there are endless educational videos on a number of topics. The power of YouTube means global education for all.

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