The Ellen DeGeneres YouTube Takeover

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! To celebrate this day of love, I decided to write about one of my favorite people of all time, Ellen DeGeneres. I’ve never met Ellen (at least not yet), but the positivity that she radiates into the world with her show is truly inspiring. Ellen makes a point to use her show as a platform to remind people to enjoy life and smile a little more.

The Ellen Show is just another example of how YouTube is changing the way we watch things. My family stopped our cable subscription long before I ever really had an interest in talk shows, so I discovered my love for the show on YouTube. Various clips from the talk show as uploaded on TheEllenShow channel on a daily basis, and each video features a “ellentube” logo. YouTube might as well change their name to ellentube, because Ellen has truly taken over. The show’s channel is the 15th most subscribed YouTube channel with over 18.7 million subscribers and over 8 billion video views.

Most people probably don’t first think of a woman when they think of comedians and talk shows, but Ellen is dominating the talk show game on YouTube. Her show ranks above many late night talk show hosts like Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, and James Corden (which are all also successful on YouTube). No hard feelings between Ellen and the guys though–they’re still friends.

The best part of having clips from the Ellen Show on YouTube is that we can watch our favorite moments over and over again and share them with friends and family.

Many guests on Ellen’s show have also been discovered from YouTube. She had many segments about Sophia Grace and Rosie, cousins from the UK, who were discovered after their parents posted a YouTube video of them rapping to Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass. Through Ellen’s show, the girls have met celebrities, written a book, and starred in their own movie!

With the rise of YouTube’s popularity, Ellen has brought on several YouTubers as guests on her show. Ellen called YouTuber Tyler Oakley “a pretty big deal” when he first came on her show, and he has been featured on the show many time since his first guest appearance.

It’s pretty much impossible not to smile while watching any of the clips from Ellen’s show (unless its one of those heartwarming videos about incredible people, like Malala Yousafzai, where I end up in tears). Ellen’s YouTube channel features various types of videos and guests–there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

To Ellen: Thank you for spreading happiness, positivity, and love to all your viewers.




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