The Best BuzzFeed Videos on YouTube

If you’ve used any form of social media in your life, you are probably familiar with BuzzFeed. When I think of BuzzFeed, 3 things come to mind: quizzes/articles on the BuzzFeed website, Tasty recipes, and BuzzFeed’s YouTube videos. BuzzFeed is very present on all forms of social media, but I personally love watching their YouTube videos.

BuzzFeed’s main YouTube channel has a cool 11.7 million subscribers, but they also have several other channels that each focus on different themes.


I love BuzzFeed videos, because they are short, entertaining, and addicting. They post multiple videos a day, and I never really know what will be uploaded that day.

With BuzzFeed’s multiple YouTube channels and various videos, it can be a bit overwhelming, so I compiled a list of my favorite BuzzFeed series and videos.

The Try Guys

The Try Guys series consisted of 4 guys: Eugene, Ned, Keith, and Zach. Each try guy has his own distinct personality and place in the group; they have a great dynamic and their videos will make you laugh. The premise of the series is that they are a group of guys that try different things– it’s as simple as that.

The American Ninja Warrior video is by far my favorite!

Worth It

One of BuzzFeed’s newest (and one of the best) series is Worth It. The first video was posted in September, but the series has already become one most viewed on BuzzFeed’s channel. The videos follow Steven, a slightly awkward but well-meaning guy, as he tries different foods at different price ranges to find which is the most “worth it.” Most of the videos also include Andrew, Steven’s BuzzFeed coworker who never seems too enthused to go on these adventures with Steven (I think he’s just in it for the good food), and their cameraman, Adam, who sometimes gets to try the food too. The premise of the videos is pretty simple, but they’ll leave you wanting a $777 burger, so watch with caution (and without an empty stomach).

I studied abroad in Florence, Italy during the Spring of 2016, so I consider myself an experienced pizza connoisseur. This video definitely made me wish I was back in the land of za.

As a Korean, this video had me dreaming of Korean BBQ. I think I’ll need to make a trip out to LA just to try some of these places out.

BuzzFeed Unsolved

While I love a lot of the content that comes out from BuzzFeed, the BuzzFeed Unsolved series is probably my favorite. In the videos, you hear the stories of unsolved mysteries. Most of these videos are quite creepy, so I would not recommend them for the faint of heart. The videos will leave you wondering what really happened during these mysterious murders. I’ve definitely tried to do my own detective work (aka search on Wikipedia) after watching some of these videos about unbelievable crimes and stories.

I had to include the video about the Zodiac Killer solely because I wanted to insert these tweets. Is Ted Cruz the Zodiac Killer and/or Grayson Allen? The world may never know.


I couldn’t include all my favorites (like the Ladylike series), but perhaps this list will help someone discover their own favorite BuzzFeed videos. Enjoy and happy watching!

P.S. Go Heels!

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